Stable employment

More than 82,000 people have a permanent employment contract with our company (79.2%) and 88% of all employees work full time. This implies a significant reduction in the number of employees working part time, which dropped from 30,686 in 2006 to 12,207 last year.

The attrition rate was 10.2%. This data includes the impact of movement of professionals taking place in highly dynamic job markets, without a significant increase compared to last year, when it was 7.3%.

Ferrovial is committed to finding out its employees' opinions on its policies and management methods.

Therefore, throughout 2008, a new Employee Satisfaction Survey will take place and will include most of the international subsidiaries, which will involve around 12,500 employees, a 73% increase on last year.

The last Employee Satisfaction Survey was distributed to 7,244 employees, with a response rate of 41% of the total number of questionnaires distributed. On this occasion, replies reflected the high estimation in which employees hold training and professional development policies. Most employees described Ferrovial as "a good company to work for" according to the survey.

During 2007, the British Ferrovial subsidiary, BAA carried out its own employee satisfaction survey, with 14,359 surveys distributed, obtaining a response rate of 49% and an employee satisfaction level of 58%.