Ferrovial is committed to maintaining an investment policy for personal and professional training of its employees. The company is aware that is sustainable growth is based on its employees' knowledge and skills. 

Training has led to 32 million euro in investment in 2007, an increase of 34.3% compared to last year. This is an investment of over 314 euro per employee, 31.8% more per employee compared to 2006.

1.7 million training hours were given. The significant difference compared to 2006 is mainly due to the creation of Ferrovial's Summa University and the integration of BAA into the company, as well as the increase in training in the other business areas.

A major milestone in the development of this policy was the creation of Ferrovial's Corporate University (Summa), which was inaugurated in February 2007 and which was created in the aim of transmitting Ferrovial values and stimulating the development of the organisation's talent.

During 2007, Summa trained more than 1,600 employees constituting a meeting point and a place for exchanging experiences between professionals from the different companies and the many nationalities that make up the Group.

The university has started up various programmes within its different business schools, such as the Management Programme, which was designed by Summa in collaboration with the IESE and the company's senior management. This programme, in which around 170 company managers took part, is aimed at creating an overview of Ferrovial among managers, bringing participants closer to best practices in business management and offering the opportunity to compare participants' criteria with those of other professionals who hold similar positions of responsibility in the company.

Another interesting initiative is the Strategic Observatory which constitutes an advantage to the main business management trends and practices through a series of meetings with top level experts. The Strategic Observatory gave seven conferences in 2007 focussed on basic aspects for meeting future challenges at Ferrovial: Strategy, Innovation, Leadership and Infrastructure Management in developing countries. More than 400 people took part in these conferences.

The corporate university has its own channel on the intranet, so that through different sections (history, training schedule, training offer, etc.) employees can access information and communications related with the Ferrovial University, thus facilitating a meeting place for participants in training programmes. Ferrovial also has training platforms via the Intranet (e-learning).

Regarding security staff training in Human Rights, the activities to inform and train external security staff were:

- Inclusion of a section about Human Rights rules to be observed by the employees in the Security Tasks and Procedures Handbook.

- Instructions to the different Security departments.

Each new employee incorporation into the Group must submit a welcome program, where there is a session about Ferrovial Ethical Code in order to spread the main values of the company. The principles of action are highlighted.

· Law observance. Corporate and professional activities in Ferrovial will be performed in compliance with the law in force in every country were they are developed.

· Ethic integrity. Corporate and professional activities in Ferrovial and its employees will be based on the value of integrity and will be developed according to the principles of honesty, avoidance of any king of corruption and respect to the situation and particular needs of every person involved.

· Human Rights respect. Every action of Ferrovial and its employees will respect the Human Rights and Public Liberties included in the Human Rights Declaration scrupulously.

The First Year of Ferrovialīs Corporate University (SUMMA)

The First Year of Ferrovialīs Corporate University (SUMMA)

Ferrovialīs CEO Joaquín Ayuso, and Jaime Aguirre, General Director of Human Resources, talk about the drive to create Ferrovialīs corporate University, whose chief purpose is to transmit the values and common identity across such a diverse and global business.