Occupational safety

All work centres have certified safety management systems. Ferrovial's aim is to have its business under OSHAS 18001 certification, which is the main world standard for identifying, prioritising and managing health and occupational risks as part of business practices.

All BAA airports currently have this certification, as does the service business that Ferrovial carries out in the United Kingdom through Amey.

At the end of 2007, Cespa was awarded this certification for all its businesses and divisions. The construction business started the certification process in 2007 and is expected to obtain it in 2008. 

During the year, Ferrovial made a satisfactory audit of the occupational safety management systems in the Construction, Toll Roads and Car Parks divisions and the Corporate area.

Given the type of public service that they provide, airports are audited annually by the health and safety authorities. The audit involves a check that BAA complies with British health and safety legislation and this is a condition for renewing its operations licence.

In Services, Ferroser, Grupisa and Eurolimp were audited. Furthermore, 75% of Swissport subsidiaries had already been audited in 2007.

These audits check how the initial and regular risk assessments are carried out, the type and planning of preventive activities, suitability between the procedures and resources required for carrying out the preventive activities necessary and the resources the company has available, whether its own or hired, taking into account the way in which they are organised or coordinated, as applicable.

Audits also assess the integration of safety in the company's general management system, both in the business as a whole and in all its hierarchical levels, through the implementation and application of the occupational safety plan, and the system's effectiveness in preventing, identifying, assessing, correcting and controlling occupational risks in all phases of company business.