Monitoring and control

All accidents that occurred in 2007 were investigated and preventive measures were adopted aimed at avoiding a repetition of this type of situation in the future.

As a general rule, the following actions are carried out, amongst others, aimed at permanently improving health and safety in our work centres:

  • Correction of any deficiencies found in the assessment.

  • Information and training for workers, safety officers, designated workers and safety personnel.

  • Measures corresponding to Emergencies and health supervision.

  • Measures to protect particularly vulnerable employees, pregnant women and minors.

  • Those derived from specific safety regulations.

A major effort has been made in monitoring of safety plans. During the year, safety experts made 46,260 visits to monitor and control the different centres, three times the number made in the previous year. As a result of these visits 486 emergency plans have been created, compared with the 58 created in 2006.

452,728.5 training hours were given on safe working practices, 588 risk assessments and 74 safety studies were made, not forgetting the increase in safety requirements in British airports.

Ferrovial has a risk assessment procedure for estimating their scope and adopting preventive measures for the future.

Assessment extends to each job in the company where these risks occur, taking into account the existing or planned working conditions.

On a regular basis and depending on requirements, the company carries out a review of the risk assessment procedure. Furthermore, this is repeated when:

  • The work equipment is changed, the chemical substances or preparations change, new technologies are introduced or conditions in the workplace are modified.

  • A worker is employed whose personal characteristics make him particularly sensitive to working conditions.

  • When damage occurs to workers' health.

Based on the information obtained concerning the organisation, characteristics and complexity of the work, the raw materials and the work teams existing in the company and the health of the workers, dangerous elements are determined and those exposed to them are identified, assessing thereafter the risk that exists based on objective criteria.