Training and qualifications

In 2007 452,728 training hours were given to workers on health and safety. In other words, an average of 4.5 hours per employee. Of these, there were 2,295 hours of specific training for qualifying safety technicians.

Training covers matters from specific job-related risks to matters such as road safety, fire fighting with controlled "real fire", accident investigation, emergencies and evacuation processes.

  • In the Construction division, a multimedia training manual on occupational safety was published. It consists of 14 chapters and is available on DVD for all company employees. It can also be accessed via Construnet, the Construction channel division on our Intranet.

  • BAA has 45 training courses on health and safety available on the "BAA Uni" system.

  • In toll roads and car parks support workshops have been carried out for all employees in toll road central and structural offices as part of a campaign on muscular-skeletal disorders (MSDs). Specific manuals have also been prepared for on-street car park personnel, for tow-away operators and toll road maintenance and upkeep personnel.

  • In Services, Swissport has carried out 39 health and safety training programmes in Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands Antilles, Kenya, Korea, Tanzania, the United States and Venezuela.

  • In Spain, the awareness campaign entitled "One minute's applause" was carried out by Cespa to raise awareness throughout the company of the importance of prevention in relation to occupational risks.