Health and accident rates

Monitoring of employee health by the company based on the risks inherent to their workplaces took the form of medical examinations made before employees joined the company and regular examinations were made based on specific medical examinations carried out for each job according to specific protocols. A total of 19,245 employees have undergone medical examinations in 2007.

To measure the accident rate, Ferrovial uses incidence, frequency and severity rates which are drawn up in agreement with ILO and Eurostat criteria. In 2007, incidences due to occupational accidents were reduced by 9%, to reach 104.43 occupational accidents for every thousand workers exposed. In the same period, the average in the construction industry was 129.9 accidents.

  • The incidence rates were reduced by 2.5% in the Construction division and over 9% in all Ferrovial divisions at national level.

  • The Frequency rate was reduced by a little over 2% in the Construction division and was close to 5% in all business areas at national level.

  • Accident rate data includes accidents occurring while travelling for work purposes at national level, with the main data being shown in the following table:

 Health and accident rates