The goal of the construction quality policy is to execute works and provide services in accordance with customer expectations, optimise costs and comply with deadlines and specific quality requirements with the greatest profitability. This policy, which was revised and expanded during 2007, is based on the following principles:

  • Quality is everyone's responsibility: customers are the crux, but employees, suppliers and subcontractors also need to be engaged in achieving quality.

  • Respect for society and the environment.

  • Our businesses' profitability is our guarantee for the future.

  • Ongoing improvement in the quality system.

Ferrovial has had an Integrated Quality System (SIC) in place since 2007 to develop this policy, which has now been implemented in 70% of all construction sites. In addition, all construction sites have specific Quality Assurance Plans (PAC).

The Quality System is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. In 2007, 1,475 inspections and 907 internal audits were carried out at Ferrovial workplaces.

Some of the most outstanding achievements in quality management in 2007 included:

  • The implementation of a new complaints management procedure through the Integrated Quality System (SIC). Since 2007, the Integrated Quality System (SIC) has been managing customer complaints and facilitated the resolution of incidents in the post-sale phase. This improvement is reflected in the 0.35 points increase in Ferrovial Agromán's customer satisfaction rating, which reached a score of 3.8 points out of 5 overall (Good).

  • A new Quality Management procedure for departments.

  • A monthly report on quality indicators.

  • A new Quality Assurance Plans Index (PAC in Spanish) and new filing system for construction works.

  • The launch of a management application to review residential construction works.

  • Ferrovial's subsidiary Edytesa obtained certification according to the ISO 9001 standard.

  • A catalogue of good practices related to habitual quality problems in construction works was drafted.

    Industrial construction

Cadagua has drafted, revised and implemented an integrated Quality and Environment policy that reflects its commitment to meeting all its customers' needs and complying with the applicable legislation and agreements it voluntarily undertakes at all times. This is materialised in the Integrated Management System at its production, service and unit centres. Cadagua also has a systematic procedure to handle possible customer complaints.

The main achievements in quality are due to the on-going application of innovative technology innovation at Cadagua facilities to:

  • Optimise energy consumption.

  • Equip facilities with greater reliability in case of failure.

  • Mitigate negative environmental impacts

52 technical improvements were made to Cadagua facilities in 2007.