Environmental risk management

Since 2004, Ferrovial has been working on the development and implementation of new systems for analysis and assessment of environmental risk. At present, through the environmental management system, all government notifications concerning the environment received in any department or level of the organisation are registered and monitored.  An exhaustive analysis of dossiers allows permanent control and adoption of preventive measures.

Within the framework of the company's sustainability policy, Ferrovial is cooperating with the insurance industry to assess the coverage of environmental risks within the context of the financial guarantees required under the new legislation.

The Corporate Insurance Unit, responsible for Ferrovial's insurance policy within the Quality and Environment Department, provides an overview and coherent handling of all aspects of the businesses' environmental risk.

Ferrovial is also the only company in the industry to participate actively in the Standards Committee on the "Analysis and Evaluation of Environmental Risk", the results of which will serve as a benchmark for the environmental studies required under the new environmental liability directive approved in 2007.