4 million euros have been invested in 66 projects, which have benefited 36,476 people.

  • Arts and culture: The main contribution Ferrovial makes to the community in Spain is cultural and artistic patronage. Ferrovial supports the country's main artistic and cultural institutions, among which are the Palau de la Música Catalana, Liceu de Barcelona, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Teatro Real in Madrid. It also sponsors numerous cultural events and artistic publications. In relation with the construction business, some projects support restoration of artistic monuments or archaeological excavations.

  • Education and training: the Ciudadanet project promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fundeso) contributes to the integration of sectors at risk of exclusion, especially immigrants, through new technologies. In 2007, this project was extended to nearly all of Spain. Ferrovial has directly supported the Fundación Semilla, one of the most prestigious institutions in Spain for care and training of young people at risk of social exclusion, mainly through drug abuse.

  • "Stronger Together: is Ferrovial's employee donation programme in which the company pledges to match the amount each employee decides to donate from his or her salary every month to developing a community project.  In 2007, employees contributed 45,667 euro, making the total figure for this programme 91,334 euro. These funds were used to build wells for drinking water in Chad, in collaboration with Intermón Oxfam (project details are given in the section on cooperation with development). Since it was created in mid-2005, this programme has raised 161,283 euro.

  • Volunteer activity: Last October, Ferrovial organised a corporate volunteer day in collaboration with the Plan España NGO. The event took place in the head offices of Ferrovial, Ferrovial Servicios, Cintra, Ferrovial-Agromán and Ferrovial Aeropuertos and 250 employees took part. Employees' contribution consisted of translating letters from English to French or Spanish that sponsored children in Africa send to their sponsors in Spain. 3,000 letters were translated during the day.

    • Number of volunteers: 242

    • Time contribution: 726 horas

    • Value of the contribution:  11,979 euros

    • Direct beneficiaries: 6,000

    • Time spent: 3 hours

    • Status: Complete

Main counterparts:

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  • Teatro El Liceu
  • Fundación Amref-Flying Doctors
  • Intermón-Oxfam
  • Puertos del Estado
  • Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá
  • Fundación Universitaria CEU
  • Fundación General de la Universidad Complutense
  • Entreculturas
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  • Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
  • Fundeso
  • Global Meeting
  • Fundación Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
  • ETSI
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