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157,413 euros have been assigned to 9 community investment projects. These projects have benefited 15,475 people.

  • Education: Cintra Chile carries out numerous activities in towns near the Autopista del Bosque toll road, mainly donations to rural schools to improve the quality of the education, road training for young people aged 15 to 18 who are potential future drivers and talks on road safety to generate empathy with the concession company and tend to reduce vandalism against the infrastructure. Cinema sessions and various forums have also been organised with pupils from 24 schools at social risk.

  • Arts and culture: Cintra has promoted a project aimed at the inhabitants of Santiago de Chile for creation of small format urban sculptures. The sculptures selected and awarded prizes will be built on a large scale by the inhabitants when the parks are built that are planned around the Acceso Sur project.

  • Health: Collaboration has taken place on an integration project in the"Catalina Durillo" senior citizens group of elderly people who are considered as segregated due to their lack of mobility.