Latin America

Extension of a primary health care hospital (Ambato, Ecuador)

2007 saw the completion of the project for extension of the primary health care hospital in Ambato (Ecuador) which received contributions from Ferrovial employees through the Stronger Together Programme. The hospital provides primary and secondary medical care to a population of over 800,000 people, as well as health care training for more than 30 young people.

  • Contribution: 44,812 euro

  • Beneficiaries: 5,000 people

  • Counterpart: Intermón Oxfam / Assaild

  • Duration: 24 months

  • Status: Completed

"Sow your own roots" Project (Barina and Portuguesa, Venezuela)

This is a project to improve living conditions for 200 families with few resources working in farming and forestry production in Venezuela. The aim is balance smallholdings with sustainable reforestation in each family, which will improve their financial status by involving them in the recovery of their forestry assets. The project, to which Ferrovial contributed 25.000 euro, was completed in 2007.

  • Contribution: 25,000.00 €

  • Beneficiaries: 1,100 people

  • Counterpart: Entreculturas

  • Duration: 12 months

  • Status: Completed