Diversity management

Ferrovial has most of its employees (59.8%) outside Spain, mainly in the United Kingdom, United States, Poland and Switzerland. The company's process of internationalisation, diversification and sustainable growth, makes Ferrovial one of the most attractive Spanish multinationals to work for. This situation has made expatriation into an increasingly frequent reality for Ferrovial employees and a question of vital importance for the company. At present, approximately 310 Spanish expatriate employees work in a foreign country.

Ferrovial is already a diverse organization. Its workforce, business segments and the countries were it develops its activity cover all corners of the world. Being conscious of the importance of maintaining a common identity within this diversity, a project tooked place in 2007 aimed at diagnosing the culture and values of each of the Ferrovial business units and subsidiary organisations. During 2008, a value proposal will be prepared which offers a global framework while maintaining the specific features of each organisation.