Talent management

In the current business climate, talent is the critical force behind company performance, a strategic priority that aims to identify the best professionals inside and outside the organisation.

This takes place internally through the application of a Performance Assessment plan, which has improved on the 2007 edition through the introduction of the IDP (Individual Development Plan), which is a tool for implementing the training and specific development actions chosen to strengthen these skills, decided by mutual agreement between assessor and employee. 37% of Ferrovial employees were assessed during the year based on common skills and those specific to each business.

Externally, the search for Talent takes place through selection programmes that only allow the most highly qualified professionals in the market to join the company.

In line with this consideration, the human resources department has started up several initiatives, among which are programmes such as Mas Talento, the aim of which is to attract new professionals through job applications presented by employees and grant holders in Spain, who receive a bonus when the successful candidate is hired and passes the probationary period. This initiative has been very successful because during the first month of the programme's existence, more than 140 candidates have been referred to job offers in all Business Areas.