Equal opportunities

The company is committed to establishing an effective equal opportunities policy so that all its employees are judged on the basis of merit. This means that promotion decisions will always be based on objective circumstances and assessments.

Equal opportunities mean maintaining a working environment that is free from all discrimination and any conduct that involves personal harassment.

Ferrovial states in its Code of Ethics its commitment to all workers being treated fairly and respectfully by their superiors, subordinates and colleagues. The company "does not tolerate any abusive, hostile or offensive behaviour, whether verbal or physical" and encourages the reporting of such conduct through internal campaigns.

In 2007, BAA published an internal policy, in line with Grupo Ferrovial and in collation with the publication of the British Age Discrimination Act which guarantees equal treatment irrespective of race, gender, marital status, age, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability or social origin.

Growth in company business has maintained the work and career opportunities registered in recent years. In 2007:

  • 5,612 job offers were published on the web site at Group level (compared to 742 published in Spain in the previous year) which were open to any candidate in equal conditions. Compared with these job offers, 162,929 job applications were received.

  • The number of women in the workforce increased 3.6% compared to 2006. Women currently account for 30% of Ferrovial's workforce.

  • There has never been a complaint or report concerning lack of opportunities.

  • The number of women in management positions has increased to 22%, compared with 10% last year.

  • Over 6,000 employees were given an internal promotion, more than 6% of the workforce.

These internal promotions follow a transparent process of objective and confidential assessment which is structured through the Job Bank published on the company intranet in Spain and Portugal. Every Monday, the company publishes all job offers available and employees who are interested can send their CV to enter the process that may lead to a promotion, a new geographical location or a substantial change in their duties which adds value to their professional career. In 2007, 343 job offers were published on the Internal Job Bank.